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ChatGPT – OpenAI
Artificial Intelligence – الذكاء الاصطناعي
المنهج الكامل للغة البرمجة بايثون
In silico Drug Design I- التصميم الدوائي المعلوماتي
تعلم Git و GitHub حتى الاحتراف
كتابة السيرة الذاتية للطلاب – شرح عملي
إنشاء وإدارة وتخصيص متجرك الإلكتروني بإستخدام شوبي فاي
Advanced Course Of Drop Shipping On The Internet
Unlock the Power of Language: Natural Language Processing
Blockchain Mastery: From Basics to Advanced
3D Printing with ” Ultimaker CURA Slicer- Start to finish”
أساسيات إدارة الموارد البشرية ،التدريب و التطوير
Flutter Advanced Course – Clean Architecture With MVVM
PIC Microcontroller Step by Step: Your complete guide
Flutter Advanced – Clean Architecture With MVVM in Arabic
Learn ESP32 with this 30 Days Challenge
Graphic Design course by the phone
All Import Documentation & Procedures | Import Anywhere
Flutter – Animations from Zero to Hero
How to Become an Embedded Systems Engineer Bootcamp
Introduction to Surface Mount Technology
ESP32 Learn By Building Practical Projects
أمن شبكات الحاسبات والمعلومات بالعربية
شبكات الحاسبات والمعلومات بالعربية
Arduino Bluetooth: Step BY Step Guide
C# Certification Mastery: Challenge Your Knowledge and Earn
Programming PLC Using Text Commands – Mnemonic Language
Android Development: Make Apps without Coding or Experience
Arduino Vs Raspberry PI Vs PIC Microcontroller
Learn Arduino by Building 26 Projects!
Master in Integrated Operation & Supply Chain Management
How to become a Successful Software Programming Developer
All Export Documentation & Procedures | Any Origin
Master Time Management for Higher Personal Productivity
Excellence in Leadership- Effective Strategies for a Leader
Programming PLC Using Drawings – Coding No More
Arduino Weather Station: Step By Step Guide
Program Microcontrollers With Drawings – Coding No More
SOLIDWORKS Course: Turn 2D Sketches into 3D Models
Personality Development for a Successful Career and Life
Software UI Automation Testing using Java-Selenium from A-Z
PLC Advance Course Data Registers and Internal Relays
PCB Design: Master Designing Printed Circuit Board
Letter of Credit, Trade Finance, ISBP, UCP 600/500 Made Easy
Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON & PYTEST – Best for beginners
دورة تطوير تطبيقات الموبايل للأندرويد من خلال آب إنفنتور2
Connect and Interface Raspberry Pi with Arduino
How to Turn Any Surface into Touch Surface
PIC Microcontroller: Everything you need to Know
ChatGPT and International Trade
Non Destructive Testing Methods (NDT Process)
Complete Flutter Course in Arabic
Hardware for Microcontroller and Electronics
Gerektiği kadar “git”
Intro to AUTOSAR (Arabic)
next.js 13 (react.js framework)
Performance and Optimization
Components life cycle-Routing
mastering Api with by building Full Stack Todo Project #3
Java Script Refresher(TS)
Teaching soft skills to everyoneتعلم المهارات اللينة للجميع
TypeScript Complete Course
PMP Certification Exam Prep ( Framework )
المدرب الشخصي personal trainer
Arduino Meets LabVIEW
Build Modern MEAN Stack Web App
تحقيق الأساليب الكيميائية: دورة في حساب التحقق و عدم اليقين
Learning MEAN Stack by Building Real world Application
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Essentials
Webinar – How to Be Model Based Development Engineer in Automotive
NestJs: Modern ways to build APIs with Typescript and NestJs
How To Succeed As An HR Department Of One
دوره تعليميه لإنشاء قاعده بيانات خاصه للمؤسسات
ChatGPT Python Programming: AI Guided Code Mastery
Learn APIs development with Prisma, Nodejs, and Postgres
Learn API Development with FASTAPI Framework and Python
Create PowerPoint Presentations using AI (ChatGPT & More)
Writing Clean Asynchronous Code In Node.js
NestJs with GraphQL and Prisma
Build Serverless APIs with Serverless Framework and NodeJs
Build Fast High Performance Website in Astro and Javascript
Diesel & Gas Engine Operation Advanced
Stock Market Basics for Value Investing
An Introduction to Agile in Software Development
Fundamentals of a business for value investors
Learn Coding Basics for Ethical Hacking
A Winning Portfolio in Value Stock Investing
Rust Full Stack 101 {IT& Web Development}
Introduction to Foundry Algorithmic Development with Rust
Developing on Solana and Ethereum
Ethereum Development Step One
Arduino UNO R4 PCB Mastery: Designing Tomorrow’s Tech
Steps to Stock Investing for Value Investors
Chart Pattern Trading Fundamentals
Web3 Foundations
IoT-Based Smart Home Automation System on Budget
C Programming: Master C with this Step by Step
I2C Communication between Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Universal Microcontroller Programming with a Next-Gen IDE
Master the Future of Microcontrollers with STM32 ARM Course
Arduino Object Oriented Programming OOP
Step into the World of Arduino: Craft Your Digital Ohmmeter
Wireless Wonders: Mastering ESP32 OTA (Over the Air) Updates
Kickstart Your Freelancing Journey: Be Your Own Boss!
Make Your Own Arduino Shield
Build 9 PIC Microcontroller Engineering projects today!
Robotics Mastery: From Basics to Advanced Simulations MATLAB
Unlock Advanced EEPROM Memory Techniques in PIC Micro
Unleash the Power of JavaScript to Control Your Arduino
Python Programming for Arduino Development
PIC Microcontroller Insect Detector
Master the Art of Fun:Create Your Own Arduino Buzz Wire Game
C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding
SD Card Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller
Wireless Wonders: Power Your PIC Projects with Bluetooth
Arduino Based Fire Alarm System
Mastering Power Shields: Design with Arduino & EasyEDA
LabVIEW Bootcamp: Learn LabVIEW with Practical Examples
Windows IoT Bundle: Learn how Windows can be used in IoT
Beyond Paper: Crafting Cutting-Edge AR Business Cards
Fusion 360 Circuit Design
Program ESP32 without Coding
Master the Craft of Flame Detection with PIC Microcontroller
Arduino GSM Communication for Internet of Things
Arduino Parking system
Pointers in C for Embedded Systems
Autonomous Mastery: Steering the Future of Self-Driving Cars
WhatsApp-Based Home Automation
Arduino Power Consumption
Learn Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge: From Zero to Hero
Program Arduino Like A Professional with Registers
Arduino Simulation
Program Arduino without Coding
PCB Fabrication For Everyone
Line Follower Robot
How to Solder Electronics
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
Electronics for Everyone: A Beginner’s Step by Step Guide
Web-Based Embedded System Simulator
Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools and Equipment
ESP32 Bootcamp: A Step By Step Practical Approach
Choose the Right Arduino Board
ESP32 Firebase Connection Exchange Data in Realtime
Power Saver Pro: Mastering Ultra-Efficient Microcontroller
Mastering Arduino Boost Reliability&Efficiency
Harness the Power of ESP32—No Code Required!
Electronic Components: Beginner Guide
Raspberry Pi Step By Step: You Complete Guide
Hardware Programming in MicroPython
Build 11 Arduino Practical Projects today!
Mastering IoT Weather Stations: Build with ESP32 & IoT
ESP32:Learn to build your own web server in less than 1 hour
فوتوشوب معماري Post Production Photoshop فوتوشوب معماري احترافي عالي
High Voltage Electric Vehicle Safety
Electric Motor Design for Electric Vehicle’s – Advanced
Unveil the Magic of Gaming — Powered by Arduino!
SCADA System Interface with Arduino
Getting Started with Arduino Web Editor
Master Motion Detection with PIC Microcontroller: Secure It
Add WiFi to Arduino Boards: Enable Web Connectivity Features
Distance measurement with LIDAR Sensor
Arduino & Firebase Mastery: Real-time Data Integration
Machine Learning – Crash Course
Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi And Windows 10 IoT
Voice-Controlled IoT: Command Your Devices
Embedded Systems Challenges: Things You Must Know
Circuit Design and Simulation without Software
Altium Course Learn Altium Designer today
Control Devices with Any Remote Control: Infrared Signals
Increase Revenue From Website Visitor Using Link Redirection
Introduction to MBED and CMSIS: Exploring Embedded Systems
Arduino Based Solar Tracker
Troubleshoot Your Electronics Projects
Arduino Interfacing with Sensors in Your Smartphone
ESP32: Sending SMS using twilio with ESP32
Introducing Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers
Microcontrollers and Microprocessors: Fundamentals & Apps
Arduino Solar Tracker
Arduino Cloud: Retrieving and Storing of Sensors Data
Arduino Serial: Control Arduino via Serial Communication
Arduino Home Security System
Mastering Arduino Multitasking with FreeRTOS
ESP32 + Telegram: Get Real-time notification for FREE
Android Apps for Arduino with MIT App Inventor without Code
Mastering Arduino Programming with Python
Introduction to Arduino
TinyML with Wio Terminal
Altium PCB Design: Learn by building Circuits
Mastering the Future: Unleashing IoT with Arduino Cloud
Visualizing Sensors Data
Arduino: Everything you need to Know
Using AI to code: Your step by step guide
How to use AI ChatGPT to design an electronic circuit
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and LabVIEW
Arduino Sensor Mastery: Unleashing Digital Brilliance
Arduino: Interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino Step by Step
Arduino Battery Level Monitor
Raspberry Pi based SCADA System
Bionic Arm Mastery with Arduino
Turn Raspberry Pi into A Web Server
SD Card Interfacing with Arduino
Mastering Embedded Autosar Diploma
Step into the World of Arduino: Craft Your Digital Ohmmeter
Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope
Create a Facial Recognition Door Lock With Raspberry Pi
Arduino Multithreading: Run Multiple Tasks at Once
LabVIEW meets ESP8266 ESP01 Unlock the Future of IoT Connect
Revolutionize PCB Design with Generative AI: Future of PCB
The Complete PLC Programming Bootcamp
Simulink Embedded Coder for Automatic C Code Generation
Unleash the Power of Arduino with LabVIEW!
PIC Microcontrollers Timer and Watchdog Timer
Master the Power of Arduino & Python Motion Detector
PIC Microcontroller Meets Python: Step by Step
Debug Your Arduino Programs while Coding
Dive Deep into Python: Your Gateway to Modern Programming
Never Miss a Pill Again: Automate with Arduino!
Arduino Pro IDE: Code like A Pro & Debug Your Arduino Board
Arduino Simulation and Block Coding
Complete Automobile Program/Guide – Automotive Engineering
Electric(EV)/ Hybrid Vehicle Certification Program
PCB Design: Make Arduino Nano using Altium Designer
Microcontroller Interfacing with Different Elements
PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with LCD
Arduino Long Distance Communication
PIC Microcontroller Simulation: Unleash the power of Code
Craft Your Own Arduino-Based Piano: A Melodic Journey!
Awaken Your Arduino Skills: Craft a Custom Alarm Clock!
Unlock Wireless Programming for Arduino!
ESP32 + Arduino Interfacing: A Step by Step Course
Unlock the ICSP Power :Program PIC Microcontrollers in Board
Arduino Programming and Simulation without Coding
Control PIC Microcontroller using a GUI via USB or RS232
Dot Matrix LED Display Interface with PIC Microcontroller
Master USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller
Control Arduino with Your Own Voice
Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino
PIC Microcontroller EEPROM: A Step By Step Practical Course
PIC Microcontroller Communication with I2C
Mastering Medication Management: Arduino-Powered Reminders
WebMaster Arduino: Control Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
Obstacle Avoiding Robot with Raspberry Pi
Learn and Program Arduino with Your Mobile Without Computer
PIC Microcontroller Communication with SPI Protocol
Voice of Arduino: Transform Text to Speech!
Learn PCB Printed Circuit Board: A Complete Bundle
Wireless Control Mastery: DTMF & PIC Microcontroller
Master the PIC18 Microcontroller: A Comprehensive Guide
Professional PCB Fabrication For Everyone
IoT Internet of Things Crash Course
Robot Operating System (ROS) with Arduino
SCADA System Interface with PLC
Design 3D Printed Enclosure for Arduino Boards Fusion 360
Clean Sensor Data with Filters
Choose the Right Microcontroller
ESP32 Email Alert Based on Sensors Reading
PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with Graphical LCD
IoT Internet of Things Bundle
Build Your Own Arduino Library: Step By Step Guide
Create IoT Smart Garden with ESP32 and Blynk
Arduino Data Visualization using Python
Circuit Design and Simulation: Electronic & Microcontroller
PCB Design and Fabrication For Everyone
Arduino Communication with SPI Protocol
Arduino SMS Sending Motion Detector using Python
Revive the Art of Morse Code with Arduino!
Pro Soldering Secrets: How to Perfectly Solder Electronics
Control Anything Anywhere without Internet with Arduino
Arduino Interrupt: Step by Step Guide with Practical Example
The Complete Raspberry Pi Bootcamp
Arduino meets Python: Step by Step
Commonly used hardware for Microcontroller and Electronics
Fusion 360 Circuit Design and PCB Manufacturing
Microcontroller Communication Protocols Bundle
PIC Microcontroller Interrupts: Step By Step
Sensors: Everything You Need To Know
ESP32 + Databases to Control Anything Anywhere
Image processing (Matlab)
python tutorials
Simulink tutorial course
Blockchain Engineering MasterTrack
Smart Contract Frameworks and Languages
Quantum Computing Essentials
Dapp Development Bootcamp
NFTs Essentials Of Development
Binance Design and Development MasterTrack
Introduction to Genetic Engineering
Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (PCEP)
Pytorch Essentials
Introduction to bitcoin Trading
When to Buy in value investing
Data Structures and Algorithms In C++
Revit Architecture Rendering(Vray 6 _Enscape 3.5)
ورشة عمل فيلا كلاسيك علي الريفيت المعماري
Revit Architecture Rendering(Vray 6 _Enscape 3.5)
Master MCSE : Windows Server 2022 OS Administration Course
Mastering Data Science with Python [2023]
AUTOSAR: The World of Automotive SW
Deep learning and Machine Learning with Python: 2023
Machine Learning with Python : COMPLETE COURSE FOR BEGINNERS
Embedded C++ with ARM Architecture [Arabic باللغة العربية]
Mastering French DELF A1/A2 Grammar and Vocabulary
Certificate in Architecture & Engineering Drawings
سلسلة تعلم برمجة الأنظمة المدمجة والمتحكم الدقيق STM32 المعتمد على نواة ARM Cortex-M4
سلسلة تعلم البرمجة بلغة سي بلس بلس الحديثة بالعربي Learn Modern C++ Programming in Arabic
PHP Laravel 2024: Build Amazing Restaurant Management System
Learn the Essential Basics in Electrical Wiring
Electrical Wiring Course II
تعلم اساسيات التمديدات الكهربائية في المنازل (إضاءة وباور)
Huawei HCIA Routing and Switching V2.5 شرح بالعربى
CCNA 200-301 – CCNA v7.02 – | Arabic شرح بالعربى
PHP with Laravel 2024: Build CMS Blog with Admin Panel
HubSpot Best Practice – Data Integrity
Music Email and Affiliate Marketing – New Technology in Music and Creative Entertainment
Accounting basics, how to create financial statements easily
Business English – Write Professional Emails in English
Music Growth Hacking Part B – New Technology in Music and Creative Entertainment
PHP Laravel 2024: Build Real Estate Management System
PHP Laravel 2024: Build Travel Agency Management System
PHP Laravel 10 for 2024: Build Complete Job Portal
PHP Laravel 2024: Build Coffee Shop Management System
AI Automated Blog & Video Production with WriteSonic & Wave.Video
Dart Programming language from zero
DataBase Mysql ( 2024 )
Full Embedded System Diploma
Java OOP (2023) جافا كائنية التوجة
Java Basics (2023) جافا أساسيات
CAPL Programming in Step by Step
Flutter for beginner in arabic تعلم الفلاتر للمبتدئين
TPT Testing Crash Course 101
Music Distribution and Monetisation – New Technology in Music and Creative Entertainment
Music Growth Hacking Part A – New Technology in Music and Creative Entertainment
LinkedIn Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, 25550 Leads
Top 5 Crowdfunding Hacks for Kickstarter & Indiegogo 2024
Branded Interactive HTML5 Mini Games for Marketing Campaigns
Blockchain and Music – New Technology in Music and Creative Entertainment
Music Bought Media Advertising – New Technology in Music and Creative Entertainment
ISO 26262 Software Impact
Learn Solidworks Basics By Practical Methodology
AWS EC2 : AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
Learn C++ from scratch | كورس برمجه متكامل سى بلس بلس
Automotive Autosar Application using Model Based Development in Arabic
NEBOSH-IGC, Element-11, Fire Hazards and Controls.Part – 1
Chat GPT & AI tools for Accounting and finance professionals
Data Visualization principals and Practice in under one Hour
Communication Skills in Multicultural Workplace
SEO On Page Audit with Tools
How To Be a Functional Safety Engineer in Automotive Industry
Communication skills for beginners
The Journalistic Program in Arabic
Bootstrap Studio 6.2 with 3 static and 1 dynamic projects
Quit the Rat Race. Be your Own Boss. Start Consulting Today
15 Minutes To Becoming a Strategic Leader
What Do YOU Do? How To Ace Your Elevator Pitch and Story?
Understanding and Using Electrical Wiring Diagrams
Rotating Machines
Short Circuit Analysis for HV Three Phase Systems
Symmetrical Components for Three Phase Power Analysis
Power Analysis in AC Circuits
Distribution Station& Feeder Protection
Protection and Control of High Voltage Power Circuits
Trigonometry for Electrical Engineering
Electric Power Metering for Single and Three Phase Systems
Electrical 3 Phase Power Transformers Fundamentals
Basic Fundamentals of AC Circuit Analysis
Basic Fundamentals of Electricity and DC Circuit Analysis
Per Unit Analysis for Single and Three Phase Systems
Master Reactive Cassandra with Spring WebFlux
System Design-Data modeling for datawarehouses/ OLAP DBs
System Design-Technology Selection
System Design-Creating a functional design
Electric Vehicles Comprehensive Course
Master Reactive Couchbase with Spring WebFlux
Master Reactive MongoDB with Spring WebFlux
Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB
Mastering Spring Boot with Couchbase
The Definitive Guide to HTML Web Development.
Design 2000: Modern Flowcharting
Cyber security of Networks from Scratch to Advanced
Cybersecurity in 90 Minutes
Cybersecurity Incident Handling and Response
Practical Tailwind CSS Course for Beginners
Animated Java Programming Language Course For Kids
Number System: The Definitive Guide to Base Conversion
Mastering Microsoft Office 2021-365: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Learn C++ Fundamentals: Coding for Absolute Beginners
ChatGPT Masterclass: A Complete ChatGPT Zero to Hero!
Ultimate Electrical Power Protection, Control & Switchgear
Ultimate Electrical Transformers for Power Engineering
The Ultimate Electric Circuits for Electrical Engineering
Intro to Embedded Systems with AVR ATMEGA32
Electrical Machines: Complete Induction machines Course
Ultimate Electrical Power System Engineering Masterclass
High Voltage and Insulators for Electrical Power Engineering
Ultimate WIND ENERGY Masterclass. Beginner to Advanced Level
Introduction to Bioinformatics in (بالعربية)
Ultimate MATLAB-Simulink for Electrical Engineering
Linux Fundamentals for Bioinformaticians: A Must-Have Skill
Android App Development Bootcamp with Java
Electric Vehicle Technology Beginner to Intermediate Course
Environment and Ethics: A Basic Course
Effective communication skills and group motivation (بالعربيه)
MATLAB for BVPs, Optimization, and Curve Fitting in Arabic
ODEs-Numerical Methods for Differential Equations Using MATLAB in (Arabic-بالعربي)
MATLAB in Symbolic Calculations
PHP with MySQL 2023: Build 8 PHP and MySQL Projects
Introduction to MATLAB in (Arabic-بالعربي)
PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store
PHP with MySQL 2023: Build Real Estate Management System
Build Complete 2023 PHP MySQL Food Ordering Ecommerce Store
Introduction to Bioinformatics
PHP with MySQL 2023: Build a Complete Job Portal
The Ultimate MySQL Crash Course 2023
PHP with MySQL 2023: Build 5 PHP and MySQL Projects
Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML &CSS 2023
PHP for Beginners: PDO Crash Course 2023
PHP for Beginners: PHP Crash Course 2023
Build Complete 2023 CMS Blog in PHP MySQL Bootstrap & PDO
AUTOSAR Diagnostics (DEM, DCM, UDS, OBD)
Master CAN Protocol for embedded system in (Arabic) بالعربي
Master C/Embedded C for embedded system learn-in-depth ar
Fundamentals of Automotive Functional Safety
Model Based Design: Build Embedded Systems with Simulink
Model Based Development-MBD-For Automotive Using Simulink
Become a Model Based Engineer and Land Your Dream Job!
Interactive Course for Automotive Software AUTOSAR Application using MATLAB /Simulink

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