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Apply As Instructor

Become an instructor at Course Vox and teach automotive software courses to students around the world.
As an instructor at Course Vox, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your students by helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed in the automotive software industry.

How to become a teacher

Teaching is a rewarding way to share your knowledge and expertise with others. As an instructor on Course Vox, you will have the opportunity to teach students from all over the world and help them to achieve their career goals.

To become a teacher on Course Vox, you must have a passion for teaching and a strong understanding of the subject matter you want to teach. You should also be able to create and deliver engaging and informative content.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher on Course Vox, please submit an application. We will review your application and contact you if we are interested in having you join our team.
As an instructor on Couse Vox, you are responsible for following our instructor rules. These rules are in place to ensure that all of our instructors are providing high-quality courses and experiences for our students.

Here are some of our key instructor rules:
  • All courses must be well-organized, informative, and up-to-date.
  • All courses must be taught in a professional and respectful manner.
  • Instructors must be responsive to student questions and feedback.
  • Instructors must not promote any products or services in their courses without prior approval from Course Vox.
If you have any questions about our instructor rules, please contact us.
Once you have been accepted as an instructor on Course Vox, you can start creating your course.

Here are some tips for creating a great course:
  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you have expertise in.
  • Define your target audience and what you want them to learn from your course.
  • Create a well-organized and informative course outline.
  • Record high-quality video and audio lessons. Create engaging and interactive exercises and assignments.
  • Promote your course to your network and on social media.
  • Once you have created your course, you can submit it for review. Our team will review your course and provide you with feedback. Once your course is approved, it will be published on the Course Vox platform and students will be able to enroll.
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