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How To Be a Functional Safety Engineer in Automotive Industry

Become a Functional Safety Engineer and Land Your Dream Job!
Free Webinar
(With a focus on Egypt/Arabic)



Functional Safety Engineering is a rapidly growing field in the automotive industry, and there is a high demand for qualified FuSa engineers in the market. In this free session, we will discuss what Functional Safety is, why it is important in the automotive industry, and how to get started as an FuSa engineer in Egypt.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Functional Safety is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and reliability of systems, particularly in high-risk industries such as automotive. It involves designing and implementing safety measures to prevent or mitigate hazards that could result from system failures or malfunctions. In the automotive sector, Functional Safety is of utmost importance due to the complex and interconnected nature of modern vehicles, where any failure could potentially lead to accidents, injuries, or even loss of life.

    Functional Safety encompasses various scopes, including hardware, software, and overall system architecture. When it comes to software development, specific technologies and methodologies are employed to ensure that software functions reliably and safely. These may include rigorous testing procedures, fault tolerance mechanisms, and compliance with industry standards such as ISO 26262.

    For individuals aspiring to enter the field of Functional Safety, particularly in regions like Egypt with a growing automotive industry, acquiring specific skills and knowledge is essential. This may involve obtaining relevant certifications, gaining practical experience through internships or projects, and staying updated on industry trends and regulations.

    Breaking into the Functional Safety field in Egypt, especially with a focus on software, requires a thorough understanding of both software engineering principles and safety standards specific to the automotive sector. Networking with professionals already working in the industry, attending relevant workshops or conferences, and showcasing proficiency in relevant tools and technologies can also enhance one’s prospects.

    To provide practical insights into the application of Functional Safety principles in the Egyptian automotive industry, case studies of projects involving software development can be invaluable. These case studies can highlight real-world challenges, solutions implemented, and lessons learned, thereby providing valuable insights for both aspiring and experienced Functional Safety engineers.

    In conclusion, Functional Safety plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of automotive systems, particularly concerning software development. Acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, understanding different scopes of Functional Safety, and exploring case studies can greatly benefit individuals seeking to enter or advance in this field, especially in regions like Egypt experiencing growth in the automotive sector.

Highlight: Free webinar with Certificates for Attendance – Learn about the Automotive Industry and Software Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn about the latest trends in Functional Safety in the automotive industry.
  • Gain insights from experienced Functional Safety engineers.
  • Network with other professionals in the Functional Safety field.
  • Receive a certificate of attendance to showcase your skills and knowledge.

This webinar suits anyone interested in pursuing a career in Functional Safety within the automotive industry.

Additional Notes:

  • This webinar is open to students, recent graduates, and experienced engineers.
  • No prior experience with Functional Safety is required.

We hope to see you there! to  more courses :DEV-HOC

functional safety webinar
functional safety webinar



Ahmed Kabil is a prominent instructor leader at Dev-Hoch, where he currently spearheads the training and coaching efforts for Functional Safety Introductory and Advanced level courses.

Moreover, Ahmed serves as a Senior functional safety engineer at APPRAID Tech. With an extensive background spanning 4 years in Functional Safety and System Engineering within the automotive industry, he has actively contributed to numerous projects involving electric, hybrid, and diesel vehicles for renowned car manufacturers like IVECO, Volkswagen, AVL, and Schaeffler.

Ahmed has a strong passion for knowledge sharing and invites you to join in by contributing your expertise as well.


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